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Q: What is your denominational background being the Church of the Nazarene?

A: The Church of the Nazarene is one of many other mainstream churches in the tradition of the Methodist church. The spiritual father is John Wesley. There is an emphasis on living a holy life as God called us to be holy as He is holy. We are also a missional church. This means that we believe that mission is at the heart of who we are because this is also at the very heart of who God is; a God that seeks and saves lost people.

Q: What is your worship style on Sundays?

A: Being a church of both young and old and from different cultural blends we seek to be both grounded in biblical truth and culturally relevant to this generation. In practice this means that we sing both hymns and contemporary worship songs. Yet, we understand that worship is much more than just a Sunday gathering to sing songs. Ultimately it is a lifestyle of submission to God who is worthy of all our praise.

Q: Are there requirements concerning clothing etc.?

We believe that God accepted you the way you are. We therefore hold no requirements or specific standard for what to wear. We do encourage people to be sensitive to others in what to wear without being judgemental about it. Romans 14 is probably a good guideline for this principle.

Q: What about the children?

A: We value children very much in our church. During the sermon there are age-appropriate bible activities for kids 4-12 years. Only when we have Communion on the first Sunday of the month there is no specific program for the kids.

Q: What does your church believe?

A: We encourage you to read our statement of belief here

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