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Q: What are the belief backgrounds and foundations of the Church of The Nazarene?

A: The Church of The Nazarene is a protestant denomination that branched off of the Methodist church in 1908 under the guidance of Phineas Bresee. John Wesley (18th century theologian and founder of the Methodist Church) provides the foundations of our understandings of God and our methods of interpreting the Bible.

We emphasise living a holy life as God calls us to be holy as God is holy. We see holiness in terms of right relationships with God, ourselves, each other, all people and creation. We are a missional church in as much as we give ourselves to these right relationships. This means that we believe that God’s Kingdom mission of shalom (Hebrew word for peace and harmony in all things) is at the heart of who we are because this is also at the very heart of God, Who is Love (1 John 4:7-21).

God creates spaces of grace for all people in which to love and be loved as Jesus, Who is the exact image and character of God, loves. In those spaces of God’s grace and love, the Holy Spirit works to transform us all; to make us new through healing and hope. We are created to be reflections of God, Who is Love, by giving ourselves to the mission of creating, loving, and being transformed. We do this through actively relating through a presence of sharing the self-denying, self-emptying, self-sacrificing and transformational love modelled and revealed to us in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. This is what it means to be holy as God is holy; to love as God is Love.

Q: What is your worship style on Sundays?

A: Being a church of both young and old from different cultural backgrounds and blends, we seek to be both grounded in biblical truth and culturally relevant to this generation. In practice this means that we sing both hymns and contemporary worship songs in various styles of music. Yet, we understand that worship is much more than just a Sunday gathering to sing songs. Worship is a way of life that is surrendered daily to God through following the Way of True Life that Jesus talked and walked.

Q: Are there requirements concerning clothing etc.?

We believe that God accepted you the way you are. We therefore hold no requirements or specific standard for what to wear. We do encourage people to be sensitive to others in what to wear without being judgemental about it. If you like wearing a suit and tie, please do. If you like wearing shorts and a t-shirt, please do. We are a family and community friendly gathering.

Q: What about the children?

A: We value children very much in our church. During the worship gatherings there are age-appropriate bible activities for kids 4-12 years. At times that looks like the children and youth having group activities. At times that looks like the children and youth remaining with the adults throughout the worship gathering to learn and grow together. We often have colouring pages, wordsearches, and bingo that coordinate with God’s particular message for us each Sunday. These activities both disciple our young people as well as keep them occupied so that parents can participate and grow through the gathering of the church as well.

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