Everyone has times in their lives when they need some help from others. There is no shame in that. In fact, we believe that people live better lives when we come together to share both our joys and our burdens.

Manna Storehouse has been offering food to anyone who needs it since August 2020. We partner with Oz Harvest and currently serve 15-20 households, and 3 primary schools each week.

Manna Storehouse is run by volunteers who love helping people. We all have been helped by others at times in life. We are open on Mondays between 3-4 pm. Please send us an email at office@dianellanazarene.org or call the office at 0414 610 912 to register and let us know you are coming. 🙂

God loves you. God is for you. God is with you.

Perhaps you understand the necessity of honouring others with compassion and want to help. Volunteers are always welcome. You can volunteer every Monday, once a month, or even occasionally. Volunteers typically arrive a few hours early to help unload, sort and pack. Please email office@dianellanazarene.org to express your interest and let us know what timeframe works for you.

Below are desired items for donation: